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Your Patriotic Duty (To Satan)


satan wants you to vote

I know, and right after a post supporting the flying of the flag, right? What kind of a patriot are you, T.J.? Well, being a nationalist doesn’t always mean supporting the government. The “nation” is the gestalt construction of a political group’s history, culture, customs, traditions, language, and genetic heritage. It can include government, but it encompasses much more than that. It goes deeper. 

Supporting the nation is more important than supporting the government, because it implies a deeper level of one-ness, a feeling of “this is my home; this is where I belong” than simply supporting the government. People can support a government for any number of reasons. Maybe they want the esteem of others. Maybe they just want free stuff. Maybe they actually do support the nation, but have fallen prey to our pernicious modern conflating of the two. The point is, while you can support the government for any number of reasons, noble or ignoble, supporting the nation generally means that you hold a deep and genuine level of affection for that patch of sod you live on.

And why not? After all, it’s home.


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